[This article belongs to Volume - 54, Issue - 09]
Gongcheng Kexue Yu Jishu/Advanced Engineering Science
Journal ID : AES-28-10-2022-377

Title : A Novel Method for Seismic Time –Frequency Analysis via Wavelet Filter Bank Tree
Hirald Dwaraka Praveena, A Jaya Lakshmi, K Sudha, P Geetha,

Abstract : The important information contained in the seismic data can be discovered via time-frequency analysis. To illustrate geological features, the time-frequency representation's high resolution is crucial. This paper proposes a novel wavelet Filter Bank Tree analysis (WFBT) method for seismic time-frequency analysis. WFBT analysis is used to examine multichannel seismic data with the intention of conducting seismic exploration. An array of band-pass filters called a wavelet filter bank tree (WFBT) divides the input into numerous components, each of which carries a particular frequency sub-band of the original signal. A graphical equalizer is one use for a wavelet filter bank. The results demonstrated that the WFBT has the capacity to precisely highlight geological and stratigraphic information and can offer a resolution that is significantly higher than the conventional continuous wavelet transform.