[This article belongs to Volume - 55, Issue - 07]
Gongcheng Kexue Yu Jishu/Advanced Engineering Science
Journal ID : AES-24-07-2023-598

Title : Cost-effective Energy Retrofitting Measures for Building Envelope in Luxury Housing in Cairo
Sara Ahmed Elgohary, Ayman Hassaan Mahmoud, Manal Yehia Tawfik,

Abstract : With climate change and energy crises worldwide, the demand for energy-saving strategies has become imperative. According to the annual report of the Ministry of Electricity, the buildings sector in Egypt consumes more than 51% of total energy. The type of buildings with the highest consumption is residential buildings. Luxury housing, represented in gated communities, has spread in Egypt. This type of housing has very high rates of energy consumption. Egypt faces a challenge in improving energy strategies, especially after the recent multiple energy crises. Because there is still a lack of government programs to retrofit existing buildings, the owners of luxury houses should be encouraged to implement one or more energy-saving measures by showing them the economic benefits. This study aims to analyze the thermal performance of luxurious housing and investigate the optimal cost-effective retrofitting measures.