[This article belongs to Volume - 54, Issue - 08]
Gongcheng Kexue Yu Jishu/Advanced Engineering Science
Journal ID : AES-21-10-2022-364

Title : Effect of Adding Vaseline and paraffin with aluminum matrix On the Performance of Concentrated Photovoltaic Cells
Mostafa K. Yousif, Muna S. Kasim,

Abstract : Iraq is one of the countries that suffer from a shortage of electricity production. One of the ways to produce electrical energy is by using photovoltaic cells. Although the cost of producing electrical energy using photovoltaic panel is low compared to using fossil fuels. However, the efficiency of photovoltaic panels is relatively low. The use of reflectors is one of the methods used to improve the efficiency of photovoltaic panels, but at the same time it causes the solar panels to heat up and over time causes damage to the photovoltaic panels. In this research, a numerical as well as experimental study was carried out to study the improvement of the performance of the photovoltaic cell. for the numerical study, it was carried out using the ANSYS 2022 program, where the analysis was done in a three-dimensional geometrical and four models were analysed which are concentration photovoltaic without adding PCM (case 1), concentration photovoltaic cell with a mixture of paraffin and petroleum jelly at 50%(case 2), concentration photoelectric cell with PCM and fins (CPV/FPCM) (case 3), concentration photoelectric cell with PCM, fins and external aluminum matrix (case 4). Experimental and numerical results showed convergence in the results and that the use of the mixture of phase-changing materials leads to a decrease in temperature (CPV/PCM2), (CPV/FPCM2) and (CPV/FPCM2P) are (7.97C°) (8.7331C°) ( 11.455 C°) respectively, and also leads to an increase in efficiency by rate (5.561%) (6.68%) in cases (CPV/FPCM2) and (CPV/FPCM2P) respectively.