[This article belongs to Volume - 55, Issue - 09]
Gongcheng Kexue Yu Jishu/Advanced Engineering Science
Journal ID : AES-12-09-2023-621

Title : Hydrodynamics of rs sugar cane drying In the pulsed fluidized bed
Pham Quang Phu, Bui Trung Thanh, Le Anh Duc,

Abstract : The paper investigates the solid particle fluidization regimes and the formation of distinct fluidized states when a gas stream is introduced perpendicular to a bed of solid particles, varying the gas velocities. The outcomes of this research find application in refining the process of drying standard (RS) sugar cane using a modern pulsed fluidized bed drying technique. The study establishes essential hydrodynamic parameters for diverse fluidized beds. In the case of the static particle layer, the particle bulk's porosity (ε₀) measures 0.44. At the minimum fluidized bed state, this porosity (εₘᵍ) increases to 0.484, accompanied by a minimum fluidized bed velocity (Uₘᵍ) of 0.65 m/s. Moving to the homogeneous fluidization bed, the particle bulk's porosity (εₕᵍ) rises to 0.67, with a corresponding homogeneous fluidization velocity (Uₕᵍ) determined as 1.65 m/s. In the circulating particle bed scenario, the terminal velocity (Uc₉) is found to be 2.1 m/s, and the porosity (εc₉) reaches 0.73. Additionally, the paper reports a pressure drop of 4268 N/m² across a 200 mm thick layer of RS sugar.