[This article belongs to Volume - 55, Issue - 09]
Gongcheng Kexue Yu Jishu/Advanced Engineering Science
Journal ID : AES-15-09-2023-624

Title : Planting Media Composition and Time of Chitosan Application on The Growth of Lerak (Sapindus rarak) Seedlings
Endang Yuniastuti, Ibnu Sayyida Nur Ats-tsani, Ida Rumia Manurung, Retna Bandriyati Arniputri,

Abstract : Lerak (Sapindus rarak) is a plant whose fruit is used as a natural detergent, natural herbicides or silver metal polishes because it contains saponins. Lerak has yet to be cultivated and only takes its fruit from the forest, so the cultivation of lerak now has prospects as an industrial crop. This study aimed to obtain the composition of the planting medium, the application time of chitosan, and the interaction between the composition of planting media and the time of application of chitosan which supports the growth of lerak seedlings. The method used was a completely randomized design with two factors. The first factor was the composition of planting media from the ratio of soil: manure: husk charcoal ([1:0:0], [1:1:1], [1:2:1], and [1:1:2]), and the second factor was the time of giving chitosan (without giving chitosan, morning, evening, and morning and evening). Data analysis was carried out by analysis of variance, and if there were significant differences, it was continued using 5% Duncan’s Multiple Range Test. The results showed that at 12 Week After Application, the composition treatment of planting media with a ratio (1:1:1) and (1:1:2) could increase plant height, stem diameter, and number of lerak leaves. Giving chitosan with application time in the morning and evening can increase the diameter of lerak stems. The interaction between the composition treatment of planting media with a ratio (1:2:1) + without chitosan and a ratio (1:1:2) + without chitosan can increase plant height and stem diameter of lerak.