[This article belongs to Volume - 49, Issue - 03]
Gongcheng Kexue Yu Jishu/Advanced Engineering Science
Journal ID : AES-16-10-2021-7

Title : Research of Load-adaptive Task Scheduling Algorithm on Heterogeneous MPSoC
XIE Ying, WU Jinzhao, XIONG Juxia, ZHANG Hui,

Abstract :

In heterogeneous MPSoC,the parallel tasks were dispatched to each cores by task scheduling algorithm.Therefore,the performance of heterogeneous MPSoC directly was affected by task scheduling algorithm.A novel task scheduling algorithm with load-adaptive capability was proposed.In order to reduce the communication overheads,the algorithm divided task-set into task-subsets based on core types and tasks dependencies.Taking into the account of the cores load,then weighted bipartite graph was then created by task-subsets,cores and the execution efficiency of the task-subsets on each core.Finally,task-subsets were dispatched to appropriate load cores by finding a maximum weight matching in the weighted bipartite graph.In this way,the average scheduling length of task-set was reduced and the utilization of cores was improved,which jointly improved the performance of the heterogeneous MPSoC.Under the simulation scenarios with different number of tasks,maximum number of predecessors,number of core types,and number of cores,the proposed algorithm was quantitatively analyzed in terms of the average scheduling length of task-set and the utilization of the cores.The results showed that the proposed algorithm could effectively reduce the average scheduling length of task-set,and improved the utilization of heterogeneous MPSoC cores while achieving-adaptive loading.