[This article belongs to Volume - 54, Issue - 03]
Gongcheng Kexue Yu Jishu/Advanced Engineering Science
Journal ID : AES-29-04-2022-172

Title : The Effect of Nozzle Temperature, Layer Height, and Infill Pattern on Dimensional Accuracy and Flexural Strength of 3D Printed Cu-PLA Filaments
Mahros Darsin, Reinaldi Luthfi Amir, Hary Sutjahjono, Moch. Edoward Ramadhan, Yuni Hermawan, Moch. Agus Choiron,

Abstract : This study aims to find the optimal parameters to produce good dimensional accuracy and maximum bending strength in the FDM 3D printing using a Cu-PLA filament. The parameters used in this research are nozzle temperature, layer height, and infill pattern with 2 levels for each parameter. The experimental design used the Taguchi L4 method (23). The specimens were printed according to the ASTM D790 standard using the REXYZ A1 3D printer machine. From the results of the calculation of the average S/N ratio, the best dimensional accuracy when using variations of nozzle temperature 220 oC, layer height 0.3 mm, and infill pattern lines. While the maximum bending strength when using a nozzle temperature variation of 240 oC, layer height of 0.4 mm, and the octet infill pattern. Each factor contributes to dimension accuracy in per cent as accuracy is 9.16 %, nozzle temperature, 4.01 % layer height, and 19.56 % infill pattern. In other words, all factors did not have a significant contribution to the accuracy. Meanwhile, the contribution of each parameter to the bending strength is nozzle temperature 57.66 %, layer height 15.22 %, and infill pattern 0.44 %.