[This article belongs to Volume - 55, Issue - 02]
Gongcheng Kexue Yu Jishu/Advanced Engineering Science
Journal ID : AES-21-02-2023-530

Title : The Spatial Distribution Pattern of Informal Markets near Cairo Metro Stations
ALi Ghaly,

Abstract : Informal markets are a phenomenon that spreads in all countries of the world, especially in developing countries where there are fewer job opportunities and high levels of unemployment, poverty, and illiteracy. Some of these countries have been able to organize those types of activities and define general frameworks for dealing and benefiting from them. Others, the randomness still controls the methods and the ways to deal with them, as happens in the local situation in Egypt. This research aims to understand the dynamics of these informal markets, their typology, spatial patterns, and characteristics, and the most important factors affecting these patterns. In order to aid decision-makers, urban designers, and planners alike in proposing and developing realistic and appropriate methods to avoid (current and future) problems when conducting planning and development processes.