[This article belongs to Volume - 56, Issue - 04]
Gongcheng Kexue Yu Jishu/Advanced Engineering Science
Journal ID : AES-22-05-2024-701

Title : Utilization of M-Sand Sludge Waste in Stabilization of Highly Plastic Clay for Sustainable Construction
Muthu Lakshmi S., Vidhya Lakshmi Sivakumar,

Abstract : Natural soil existing at any site may be suitable or unsuitable for the construction activities planned at the site. In case the soil at the site is found to be of the type like black cotton soil, peat, organic soil or expansive clay, this may lead to lot of issues in future such as seasonal volume change, probable future consolidation settlement, low bearing capacity etc. It is better to avoid such sites for construction activity, but in the current scenario of increasing population, growing urbanization combined with the scarcity of land, this proves to be very uneconomical and unwise decision. To overcome such situations, an attempt has been made in the current experimental work to stabilize the expansive clay / high plastic clay (CH) using the waste from M-Sand Manufacturing industries. Based on the experimental values it was observed that plasticity, swelling and compaction characteristics of CH mixed with increasing content of MSW was found to improve. Expansiveness of Virgin clay improved from high degree to low degree on addition of 80% or more MSW to virgin clay. MDD improved from 1.62 gm/cm3 to 1.78 gm/cm3 whereas OMC decreased from 20% to 15% as the percentage of MSW mixed with virgin CH was increased. Maximum soaked CBR strength of 3.18% was attained for CH mixed with 60% MSW and the corresponding percentage increase in soaked CBR strength was observed to be 7.4% with respect to that of virgin CH.