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Gongcheng Kexue Yu Jishu/Advanced Engineering Science
Journal ID : AES-28-10-2022-377

Abstract : The important information contained in the seismic data can be discovered via time-frequency analysis. To illustrate geological features, the time-frequency representation's high resolution is crucial. This paper proposes a novel wavelet Filter Bank Tree analysis (WFBT) method for seismic time-frequency analysis. WFBT analysis is used to examine multichannel seismic data with the intention of conducting seismic exploration. An array of band-pass filters called a wavelet filter bank tree (WFBT) divides the input into numerous components, each of which carries a particular frequency sub-band of the original signal. A graphical equalizer is one use for a wavelet filter bank. The results demonstrated that the WFBT has the capacity to precisely highlight geological and stratigraphic information and can offer a resolution that is significantly higher than the conventional continuous wavelet transform..
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Gongcheng Kexue Yu Jishu/Advanced Engineering Science
Journal ID : AES-20-07-2022-243

Abstract : This research presents the findings of a nonlinear time history analysis of a hypothetical 8 storey (G+7) Reinforced Concrete (RC) structure. The examination of the effects of infill panels modeled by an analogous diagonal strut (single, double, and triple) with different configurations of connection with the beams and columns, and comparing them with a bare frame and a frame with full infill panels, is also presented. Finding the simplest and most appropriate representation of the infill panels is the primary focus of the current study, also determine the path and location of multiple diagonal struts and their connections with the beams and the columns. This research examines the impact of infill panels on the non-linear dynamic response of RC structures exposed to an earthquake. The main results that are presented included the variation of roof displacements and base shear with time, the effect of including the infill panels, with different configurations, on the storey drift are also presented and the variation of axial force with time in a selected strut. Use of the infill panels in the analysis resulted in significant reductions in the roof displacements and storey drifts ratio, which are accompanied by increases in the base shear. When infill panels are taken into account and represented as a double equivalent diagonal strut attached to the beams at its midspan, the analysis yields the most appropriate findings..
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